Stream The Parish of Little Clifton's New EP "This Thirsty Fountain"

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Stream the Parish of Little Clifton's New EP This Thirst Fountain

Despite what many people may believe, everyone’s favourite chillwave producer Teen Daze actually has more then one project going on at once. Behind his Teen Daze notoriety, Jamison Baerg has various other electronic projects going on, including his acoustic project Two Bicycles and the growingly success label, Cultus Vibes. On that label, Baerg has 4 artists, but the one that has stood-out to us so consistently, has been The Parish of Little Clifton.

Simon Bridgefoot, the man behind The Parish of Little Clifton address — while similar to Teen Daze — maintains a more slender sound with subtle hints of hip-hop workings and smooth static-y loops. Another key feature of Bridgefoot’s production includes his use of old vocal cuts and on the final track to his newest release, The Thirsty Fountain, we get a taste of the always intriguing, choir children.

While we’ve had the pleasure to feature Teen Daze on IC many times before, it’s good to finally get around to checking up on his other works. And, as far as we can tell, things are coming along quite nicely!


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