Stumbleine – “Clip My Wings (feat. Violet Skies)”

Stumbleine - Chasing Honeybees (feat. Violet Skies)
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What's This?

“Clip My Wings” is a rather breathtaking omission of sound. The song itself has a very poignant structure and feels very focused and direct. It’s organic, flowing from end-to-end using a wide array of natural tones and textures. Like a head-rush, it’s a rather invigorating experience in which the listener is taken on a trip full of twists and turns. To prevent things from getting overly disorienting, Violet Skies keeps things in check by ensuring that Stumbleine doesn’t get overly involved in a consistent sound. As a result, the pace rapidly develops throughout, which not only keeps things interesting, but keeps the listener on their toes.

Matt Pendrill

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