Summer Skin Search Party – “Circles”

Summer Skin Search Party - Circles
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What's This?

If you’ve taken any time to browse through our YouTube channel, you may have noticed a common trend start to appear: Despite what our name may suggest, we here at Indie Current have a penchant for flavourful pop music. And if there’s anything that toots our horn more than a shimmering new chart-topper, it’s a pop song that embraces all of its clichés.

“Circles,” the second single from Los Angeles trio Summer Skin Search Party, is exactly that. With lines like “You’re just a beautiful girl, and I’m running around in circles baby, running around in circles after you”, you can’t help but admire the band’s candor; after all, they do live in the city of angels. While I’m still not 100% sure whether or not I should attribute their sound to their place of residence, I am sure that these guys know how to write a pop song.

Matt Pendrill

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