Ta-ku – "I Miss You"

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Ta-ku - I Miss You

From the get-go, “I Miss You” conjures feelings of longing, hurt, and even nostalgia. A punctuated beat kicks off the song, only to be followed by faint echoes of a voice (shout-out to Willow Smith) and light chords, left to ring in the background. This simple combination of synth, piano keys, and faded riffs steadily marches forward throughout the song, creating a murky, blurred environment for lyrics to sparingly jump out from, and then retreat back into. Also notable is the seamless (and poignant) addition of strings to the music towards the tail-end of the song. Just above everything else, the lyrics themselves burst out in a rush at the beginning of each beat — it’s as if they’re being quickly sent on their way to make room for a greater message, incommunicable by words.

To no surprise, Ta-ku is currently working on projects scheduled to release with a number of different labels including HW&W and Soulection, the latter of which he shares in common with fellow artist Atu. Naturally, “I Miss You” is but a taste of Australia-based Ta-ku‘s forthcoming EP, Songs To Break Up To, but in the meantime, you can satisfy any cravings here. Ta-ku can also be found on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Adrian Iglesias

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