The Darcys – "Muzzle Blast"

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The Darcys - Muzzle Blast
Toronto’s art-rockers, The Darcys, have dabbled with a number of sounds throughout their short history as a band; however, having listened to them for a good while now, I am beginning to get a sense of who they are: a band with an inclination for dark atmospherics. The suffocating pressure that the band applies to each and every one of their songs gives their music a sense of volatility — songs like “Black Cow” and “Home At Last” couldn’t be better examples of this.

Even through the rush of static noise, the group’s lead-vocalist Jason Couse always finds a way to break free; fuzzy guitar riffs and swirling drums patterns would discourage many vocalists, but not Couse. As he lumbers through “Muzzle Blast,” the second release from the band’s forthcoming album Warring, Couse shrugs off the noisy tendencies of his bandmates and hurdles through it all. He seems impact resistant — unwavering to the wall of sound that is thrown his way.

On the surface, “Muzzle Blast” isn’t a hard pill to swallow; however, it’s easy to see why some might be hesitant to approach it: The dark blend of soul and rock will leave you gasping for air near the end of it all. Nonetheless, you are certain to find solace in this whirlwind single. Take the time embrace it and you will find as I have that The Darcys‘ music is truly a piece of art.

Matt Pendrill

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