The Outside Inn Debut Soul-Infused Raps On Inntro EP

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Melbourne, Australia’s four-piece hip-hop outfit The Outside Inn cultivate positive vibes and motivating messages on their newly premiered Inntro EP. The seven-track release–their first as a band–includes the previously premiered “Rising Sun” and the soul-heavy industrial R&B of “A Lot Can Change,” along with several excellent new cuts.   

Stream The Outside Inn’s debut EP and read our interview with the band below.

Indie Current: How long has The Outside Inn been a band? How did you all meet?

Yan: We have been making music together now since our high school days (pre Outside Inn), started off with Matt, Sebastien and I working on music in our bedrooms experimenting with recording and production. When Julian came around and Joshua jumped on board with doing our visuals that’s when OI was born and on the way we scooped up Nynno.

IC: The Outside Inn samples Melbourne dub-reggae band Echo Drama on a track from the new EP. Are there any other samples on the EP? Have you sampled any other local bands in your previous work?

Matt: There’s one other sample on the EP. Can you guess what it is? Otherwise it’s all our own production. Although we haven’t sampled other Melbournians in older stuff we’ll be looking at more collaborations with our extended musical fam for future projects. We love local produce.

IC: How does The Outside Inn write songs? Are ideas passed around remotely or is there face-to-face collaboration involved?

Julian: A bit of A and bit of B. We generally have the instrumental in place and then discuss what the music says to us, go off in our own little worlds and then come back together and share our ideas and thoughts. NO EGO allowed.

IC: How long has the Inntro project been finished? Are you working on new material already?

Sebby: Too long, we’ve been sitting on the project for a while now. Since Inntro is our first release we had to iron out some things beforehand. As for new material, we have a few things up our sleeves which include collab projects within and outside the collective. We are also creating our own solo projects, it’s all coming together.

IC: Some of your songs on SoundCloud are labeled “Lost Sessions,” tracks that didn’t appear on the Inntro EP. Were these songs recorded separately or at an earlier date from the EP? 

Nynno: Exactly. There were times when we recorded and completed tracks that we obviously vibes with well, but just didn’t tie in cohesively enough with the flow of the EP.

IC: Was it an easy process choosing the tracks that made it to the EP.? Which tracks were recorded the fastest? Were any tracks difficult to finish?

Matt: We changed our minds several times. It’s a process when you have a lot of music to work with. It was mostly because we abandoned the idea of quantity and focused on quality. By that I mean tracks we felt belonged together in a body of work.

During the recording stage we didn’t have many issues with pace. We’d smash a song or two out in a session. I remember Julz having some difficulty writing his verse for Rising Sun. Just couldn’t quite get the right feel and he wouldn’t settle for less. We sat down together and wrote the verse in one sitting. Focusing on mixing up the flow and keeping it relevant. Mixing took a while too. We’re not the greatest audio engineers in the world but we do the best we can with what we’ve got. If the feel is real then it’s all green lights.

IC: I’m guessing the video for “Rising Sun” was filmed in Tokyo, and there are some other references to Japan in other songs. How often are you guys in Japan? Do you ever play shows there? What do you love most about Japan?

Sebby: Rising Sun was definitely shot in Tokyo by Josh aka Cwolf, that place is like my second home! Me and Julian have taken trips there several times in the last 5 years and Nynno actually studied in Tokyo for 6 months. The whole culture vibe of Japan, from the fashion to the food is something you will never experience anywhere in the word. We were lucky enough to play a gig there organized by Nynno in Hachioji on our last trip, shout outs to The Bridge! I highly recommend anyone and everyone to visit Japan if they haven’t been.

IC: Australia has a really exciting music culture, but it really isn’t known for its hip-hop exports. Would you say your band has been embraced by the local music community? Are there any sort of venues or art spaces in Melbourne or other parts of Australia that have embraced your music?

Sebby: I guess we are slowly being embraced by the local community with an organic following building up. We were lucky enough to do shows at a lot of key spots including The Espy, Toff, Loop, Howler, Section 8–which are popular music venues in Melbourne. We still have the rest of Australia to conquer.

IC: What sort of music is The Outside Inn bumping on their downtime?

Julian: Individually and collectively we have eclectic taste: T.D.E., Lupe Fiasco, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Curren$y, The Beatles, Tame Impala, Flying Lotus, Knxwledge, D’Angelo, Portishead, Mount Kimbie, Ella Fitzgerald, Erykah Badu, logic, Rakim, dilated people, to name more than a few.

Watch the “Road to Inntro” below.

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