The Pluto Moons – “$pooky”

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What's This?

The upper-righthand tagline on The Pluto Moons‘ Bandcamp page reads: “TPM make based bass music.” It’s a simple, understated and impossibly accurate description for this genre-dismissing, electro-tinged, Brooklyn based trio. The dynamic ensemble premiered their sophomore effort, the E$pooky EP, on January 5 over at Afropunk, which garnered a more than favorable headline (“THERE’S NOTHING IN THE WORLD LIKE THE PLUTO MOONS”). From track to track, the five-song release is volatile, prodigious and utterly unpredictable. With each subsequent listen, though, opening track “$pooky” demonstrates itself as the EP’s standout number. Motivated by a delectably soulful hook (“All I do is just reiteration/ Never knew I could be just like you”), this explosive, bullwhipping gospel-jerk melds swirling electronic production with fiercely funky analog instrumentation–namely a stubbornly driving bassline that rips and roars through the ensuing bangarang. Stream the E$pooky EP and read through a complete list of the equipment used to record this release below.

– 1972 Fender Bassman 4×10 amplifier
– 1980 Sunn SR6520 amplifier
– Shitty Danelectro reissue electric bass guitar w/ Boss DD-5, Ibanez AD-9, Digitech BSW, Fulltone OCD
– Roland SH-09 mono synthesizer
– Roland Juno-60 synthesizer
– Roland VK-09 electric organ
– Roland SP-404SX digital sampler
– AT4033A (vocals, drum overheard), RE20 (bass, vocals), Beta52A (kick drum), SM57 (snare drum), SM58 microphones (vocals)
– Vocal processors include TC Helicon C1 and E1, Ibanez DE7, Electro-Harmonix 16-Second Delay
– Custom Modern Drum Shop kit
– Zildjian cymbals
– ART TPS-II tube preamp system
– Edirol M-16DX interface
– Logic Pro 9 and Waves Audio plug-ins

Angel E. Fraden

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