The Shacks Share End of Summer Americana Rock Ballad “My Name Is”

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The Shacks‘ newest single “My Name Is” might be the perfect sound for the end of summer. Out on Big Crown Records on August 11, “My Name Is” unfolds with warm simplicity: there’s a fuzzy backdrop, jaunty lyrics, a carefree attitude apparent. The Shacks, a duo consisting of Shannon Wise and Max Shrager and first united in Queens, NY, have a retro sound without any of the pretense that often accompanies trying to sound retro.

“My Name Is” is an earnest song, reminiscent of the best parts of Americana, steeped in the sounds surfside rock and roll, with a narrative to match. Over guitar we hear the story of a missed connection, the recollection of an evening turned to morning turned to the laissez-faire realization, “I don’t know how to find you / Because I don’t know your name.” The Shacks’ sound seems unconcerned with the permanence of knowing, instead focused on the immediacy of living. Shannon Wise’s crooning voice succinctly sums it all up as she sings, “I’m only having fun.” Listen.

Watch the music video for The Shacks’ “Follow Me”.

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