The Temper Trap – "Trembling Hands"

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What's This?

Originally hailing from down under in Melbourne, Australia, but now taking refuge in London, The Temper Trap‘s new song entitled “Trembling Hands” shows as many versatile changes as the band’s place of refuge.

The song begins with just piano when vocalist Dougy Mandagi comes roaring in with high and low ‘oh’s’ and ‘ah’s’ showing off his great range. Compared to other songs by the Aussies such as “Sweet Disposition,” which was on their 2008 studio album Conditions, Mandagi’s voice is much deeper and less in falsetto. “Trembling Hands” also has a much less electronic feel than some of the band’s previous works, which could be seen as either a good or bad thing depending on what you fancy. You can also almost feel the emotion of the band coming out in this four-minute tune with a verse made up of with a simple back-beat, and delayed guitar tone and piano before erupting into the chorus.

The chorus explodes with Mandagi asking for someone to ‘Throw me a line…’ with plenty of layered vocals to fill the song out. This the perfect song to send to a former significant other that you are missing and trying to win back. We’ve all been alone once in our lives, but Mandagi expressed what we are feeling in this song. By the end the lyrics are, ‘There goes the ending…I’ve tried everything again..I’m done with my part.’ As the guitar slowly fades out behind it, it evokes an emotion of trying for something with all of your might only to be left out in the cold on your own. Overall I think this a good direction for The Temper Trap; as electronic based music continues to grow and grow it’s nice to see a band not rely on it solely, but rather, show off their versatility. With this in mind, The Temper Trap is one band you need to go out and see in 2012 – and that’s without a question.