The Wild Knights – "Love Struck"

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The Wild Knights - Love Struck

There’s something about the way chimes and bells lend themselves to electronic music. Maybe it’s their short, but dramatic touch that is a perfect contrast to a sparse sounding bass, but if one thing is for certain, one set of producers that have found their better-part in the instruments are, The Wild Knights.

Off of their newly released EP, Presence EP Part 1, The Wild Knights show us their stutter-y, natural sounding single, “Love Struck.” Flooded with a serenely open intro and a soothing air of “Oohs,” “Love Struck” presents itself as a clean, yet bass-ridden single, with all the our favourite features of a well constructed electronic track.

Putting their fine use of low-slung bass — and of course, chimes and bells — behind the single, what we are left with is a lively smooth-running single that is delightfully chilling.

Matt Pendrill

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