Brooklyn Band THICK Drop Four-Track EP Would You Rather

Jeff Schaer-Moses Photogrpahy.
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What's This?

For those who would claim that rock ‘n roll is dead, I present to you Brooklyn, New York’s THICK. They are a guitar-shredding, bass-thumping, longhaired head-banging, heart attack on stage who bring the same level of energy to their last-minute early afternoon local festival sets that they do to their own album releases (take it from someone who’s seen both personally).

THICK’s newest release proves that raw energy isn’t only accessible at their live shows. Would You Rather flawlessly captures the electricity and spontaneity of THICK’s incredible performances on a four-song EP.

The EP goes from zero to six-foot tall boot-clad foot breaking your jaw in about 10-seconds flat with the first tune “Be My Self,” and the New York Punk trio stays turned up to 11 for the duration of the 11-minute kick in the nuts they’re calling a record. “Bleeding” is the second track and it doesn’t stray from the overall theme of the music with a simple message from anyone on their period to everyone else, “Don’t Touch Me, I’m Bleeding!”

“Hot Bod” the album’s third song may just be the most mosh-worthy of the bunch as it dives straight into hard and fast guitar riffs and shrieking vocals. While the album’s closer “LYFE” opens with a guitar riff that sounds like a small nod to early 2000’s emo before all three members Nikki Sisti, Kate Black, and Shari Page start screaming right in your ear.

All in all, it’s a terrific listen that comes as close to the energy of a live THICK show as any recording possibly could. Hopefully, the group comes back soon with a full-length that can better showcase their tremendous songwriting ability that goes together so seamlessly with their high energy musicianship.

Jeff Schaer-Moses Photography
THICK at the Brooklyn release party for their record “Would You Rather” at Zone 1 Elsewhere.