Tom Misch – “Memory”

Tom Misch - Memory
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What's This?

Music isn’t just something to be heard, it’s something to be felt. It should stimulate you emotionally and physically, and at times, even enlighten you. Every so often, though, we seem to forget this. But after all is said and done, we as a society hold music with a pretty high regard. Because of songs like “Memory,” we are reminded of the power music can hold in our lives—and I, for one, will not take this for granted.

After impressing us a great deal with his Soulection debut, White Label: 008, Tom Misch returns to the spotlight with his most introspective release yet. Clocking in at nearly six minutes, “Memory” is an enterprising release of soul, jazz, funk and hip-hop. A collage of sorts, Misch fuses together just about every single sound and style you could possibly imagine; it may as well be a paint palette. After the steel drums kick things into action, the multi-instrumentalist takes on a trip through the muggy streets of London, while the beats ebb and flow in the background.

Matt Pendrill

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