Topaz Jones – “Lap of Luxury (feat. Hodgy Beats)”

Topaz Jones - Lap of Luxury (feat. Hodgy Beats)
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What's This?

New York-based independent rapper Topaz Jones surfaced from obscurity over the last few months, dropping tracks like the Chad Valley-featuring “Livin’ A Lie” and the Harry Potter referencing “Divas at the Disco.” Jones attends NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recording Music, one of the country’s most prestigious programs for college-level music production. Continuing his collaboration with the salacious and soul-savvy producer Thelonious Martin, his newest single boasts some serious star power with Odd Future affiliate Hodgy Beats. Surprisingly enough, though, when Hodgy finally swoops in for sixteen or so bars it’s stupidly anticlimactic, punctuating the end of the track with a weak line if there ever was one: “Traffic comes and it goes/ Music’s my home and I’m here to stay.” The rookie Topaz Jones outshines Hodgy in every respect, a stronger sense of eloquence and a more sophisticated deliberation of phrasing and syncopation. Excuse me while I get all Yoda for a sec: Look out for this one you will. Listen below.

Angel E. Fraden

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