Toronto Experimental Producer Premieres Processed Audio One EP

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What's This?

Underneath heavy layers of dissonant sounds Kaeda creates a harmonious corpus on his newly premiered Processed Audio One EP. The Toronto musician’s new four-track release inverts hip-hop and trap tropes with metallic beats that draw inspiration from industrial-grade techno. 

The opening track “Whys and Wherefores” blankets subtle harmonies and chopped-up drums in a soundscape that leads the listener through a short but intense journey. Synthesizers and distorted vocal samples abound. The aggressive production takes on subversive, malevolent sounds and buries them with swooping melodies that are uncannily familiar.                                                                        
The next tracks “Every Aspect” and “Deserts are Tundras Too” continue Kaeda’s exploration of dissonance. Heavy and harsh, they greet the listener with a warmer welcome than the opener but soon warp into something else entirely. “Every Aspect” lures the listener in with a slower melody and more subtly combative environment that provides a space for the sampled track to expand.                

“Deserts are Tundras” too opens with a gentle buildup that starts with a single thump and quietly incorporates light ringing and droning synthesizers. Its crescendo is punctuated with vocal samples that layer in space to become a condensed sonic experience that is jarring yet fascinating.

Listen to Kaeda’s Processed Audio One EP below.    

Aurelio Minesinger

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