Melbourne’s Trè Samuels Shares Near Perfect R&B-Funk EP

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What's This?

At sixteen, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Trè Samuels was discovered as a male model on the streets of Lower Manhattan while visiting NYC. Between modeling gigs during the last two years, he’s jumpstarted his career in music and garnered a modest fan base through a string of super dope R&B singles.

Trè Samuels’ first official EP introduces his true skill in earnest with six truly excellent songs, featuring Australian producer S I L E N T J A Y. Title track and EP opener “Raspberry Wine” is an instant classic, near perfect R&B-funk that reverently echoes the untouchable moxie of Michael Jackson. Trè Samuels can sang, and as far as we can tell he holds nothing back, demonstrating a range of natural talent that makes us stoked for whatever he has in store for us next. Listen.

Angel E. Fraden

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