Un Blonde’s Good Will Come To You Is A Spiritualized Rock Epic

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What's This?

Good Will Come To You, the newest album by Canadian singer-songwriter and producer Un Blonde, is a gentle, feel-good rock record. Capturing the essence of proto-rock Americana with folk, blues, and country leanings, Jean-Sebastian Audet presents himself as an unlikely torchbearer for 70s icons like Nick DrakePaul Simon and Neil Young. But Un Blonde’s music bears a surrealist edge, a prerogative to reach for deep pockets of gospel and soul, a willingness to explore. That’s what makes the sweeping, 46 minutes and 21 tracks of Good Will Come To You such an evocative listen. Starting with the hypnagogic strumming of opening cut “Celebration,” this record is an immersive, spiritual journey toward solace and serenity.

Stream Good Will Come To You below.

Angel E. Fraden

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