Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Multi-Love”

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love
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What's This?

The title track on the third full-length from Unknown Mortal Orchestra (the brainchild of psychedelic freak-rock auteur Ruban Nielson) is a wild departure from the presumed trilogy arc of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and II, where crinkly, dilapidated soundscapes bridged the gap between Nielson’s dynamic songwriting and hopelessly enrapt earholes. His latest output occupies a much smaller, consolidated space; the proverbial fourth wall has been broken, and the weather outside is spilling onto what once was derelict and moody with fresh, invigorated color. “I wanted to start living a more subversive dream,” said Nielsen in an interview with Stereogum about the crisp and clean hi-fi sound explored on Multi-Love.

The introduction of “Multi-Love” sees a bare-boned chamber-pop piano riff paving the way for Ruban Nielson’s pristine soul hooks, that recall the androgynous falsetto yelp of Michael Jackson or Prince. The drums are soon queued in, applying a lethal dose of funk to this frisky, future-flinging groove. Multi-Love is out May 26 via Jagjaguwar. Watch the video for “Ffunny Ffriends” below.


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