NYC Progressive Soul Outfit Valipala Recruit Braxton Cook For New Single

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What's This?

Brooklyn band Valipala perform remarkable feats of hybridized soul, melding a vast range of genres to produce a distinct signature sound. Funk, R&B, math rock, and jazz constructs are weaved together in a tight compendium of sound on Valipala’s 2017 EP Mango City and their two newly shared singles. The resulting listening experience is one of dynamic variation and creative spontaneity–it’s truly difficult to anticipate what might come next on any given Valipala tune. 

“Yes” is one of two new tracks from Valipala, to be featured on their forthcoming album bubble. Ripe with pop potential, this briskly moving jazz fusion number is surely one of the band’s most fiery efforts to date. Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Braxton Cook joins the band three minutes in, adding to the track’s momentum with a surging alto sax solo. Listen.

Stream Valipala’s Mango City EP below.

Angel E. Fraden

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