Vancouver Sleep Clinic – “Collapse”

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Collapse
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What's This?

When Tim Bettinson, David Lucha and Aaron Moore first started writing music together as Vancouver Sleep Clinic, surely these Brisbane talents knew they would draw comparisons to Bon Iver. The similarities are unmistakable: modulated vocals, clear instrumentation and minor electronic inflections—essentially all the ingredients that make Bon Iver, well… Bon Iver. If their bombastic first release “Vapour” wasn’t enough to make these comparisons more than apparent, “Collapse,” the band’s newest single, will surely close the gap.

In “Collapse,” Tim Bettison’s warm and rousing harmonies cut through the cold backdrop like a razor-sharp blade. His metallic-like whisp is soft and sullen, so much so, you can just imagine his cheeks turning flush red with every flourishing harmony. There’s a feeling of ambiance that resonates through, and one that can only be enjoyed or appreciated within the comfort of your own home, wrapped in a blanket by a warm fire. To put it simply, what this really is, is a kind gesture. Think about it: At this moment Australia is getting into the full swing of summer, but despite all temptation to soak up the sun with their fellow brethren, Vancouver Sleep Clinic have been kind enough to wait back and brave the cold winter months with the rest of us. If that’s not the most thoughtful thing, I don’t know what is.

Matt Pendrill

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