Video: Black Atlass – "Paris"

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Black Atlass - Paris

Black Atlass is one of those definitive artist titles that is incredibly easy to pinpoint the source of. As anyone who has listened to Alex Fleming’s dark and soulful ballads before will tell you, nothing could be more suited to his rich and haunting music than this title. Having paid close attention to his work from the beginning, I can confidently tell you that my fellow Londoner has come a long way since his very first performance which I was lucky enough to have attended. While his music is still the same, a deeper sense of confidence has started to appear, along with some very pronounced poignancy.

As the first few sharp and illustrious sounding keys introduce “Paris,” you will begin to understand what I’m getting at. What initially begins as a very luxurious and classically written track, slowly begins to morph into a cold and somber muse of nights in Paris. Through this combination of dark R&B, Fleming is able to delve into smokey imagery and somewhat nondescript themes, while still producing a tasteful piece of art at the end of the day. With this style of production, the young songwriter has also produced a great amount of intrigue over music and his pseudonym. So, to once again pique the interest of onlookers, he has given us a captivating new video for the single.

This monochromatic, Paul Labonté-directed video gives us a closer look at Fleming and his sensitive self. As he sits infront of new glossy grand piano, images of women begin to appear alongside Fleming. Though they keep to themselves by walking about their bedrooms, you get the sense that these young ladies are preparing to take on the night which has been eloquently sung before them. While I can’t be too sure as to the deep theme of this music video, I am confident that it has depicted “Paris” in the most effective way possible. Moreover, I am happy to see that Fleming has kept the dark imagery intact and further added to the mystery of his music with this video.

Matt Pendrill

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