Bombay Bicycle Club – “Feel”

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What's This?

Who says choreography is a thing of the past?

After watching the latest music video from London”s pride-and-joy, Bombay Bicycle Club, I can confidently tell you that the art-form is still alive and well. The video takes place at some sort of Indian wedding (Note: I know little-to-nothing about Indian culture, so I may be way off), and plays into the track”s joyful, Bollywood sound. Through the use of traditional garments and vibrant lighting, the director and his cast are able to invoke a certain level of emotion into the video.

As you watch the protagonists and the near 50 extras that make up this video shake their money makers, it almost becomes comical as they move in unison atop the spiralling staircase that overlooks the dance casino pa natet floor. At one point, the video even reaches a point of cliché with a dance number that Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze would be proud of. But while this colourful visual has more choreographed dances moves than a Backstreet Boys concert in the early 90’s, the song itself is still very much the focus of attention

By filming the video in India, with original Bollywood actors, and an authentic Bollywood director/production company, the band and their label, Vagrant, really saw to it that the song received the full treatment. In the past, the band liked to keep things simple, so seeing them add a bit more production value to their videos really shows some development—and for that, they should be applauded.