Fixers – “Iron Deer Dream”

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Video: Fixers - Iron Deer Dream

Having released their debut album back in May, Fixers has already won my heart with their third single “Iron Deer Dream.” Much like Foals, which also originated in Oxford, Fixers‘ are full of abstract lyrics that, at times, become hard to understand as to what they’re talking about. Somehow though, the group is able to reason it out beautifully with a great psychedelic beat and multi-track harmonies to back them up. I was also surprised to discover that this wonderful five-piece is only three years old, yet seems to have the maturity of a band that has been doing this for much longer. If you find yourself enchanted with this single, I suggest you also check out the music video that goes along with it. I mean really, who doesn’t love cornflakes and bean shaped diseases?

Make sure to continue following Fixers‘ as they will be dropping their debut album, We’ll Be The Moon on May 14th in the U.K., which is also oddly enough Jack Goldstein – the group’s lead singer’s birthday. Quite the day to debut a lead album if you ask me!