Gentlemen Hall – “All Our Love”

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What's This?

Gentlemen Hall is an American synth rock/pop band that formed at Berklee College of Music… So what more could you expect than to hear pure estacy bursting from your speakers at the combination of solid rock guitar, vintage synth, and soothing vocals? “All Our Love” shows exactly what the band is about and utilizes all aspects of their unique sound. It’s one of those songs I would drive my car and blast the speakers with the windows rolled down on that perfect weather day (without the allergies of course) and relax. The song overwhelms you with good vibes and has an unforgettable chorus that carries that feeling flawlessly. The video that goes along with the song is really neat as well and I think matches the song perfectly. Give it a listen and I am sure it will raise your spirits!

David Kalbaugh

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