Video: Jungle – "The Heat"

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Video: Jungle - The Heat

Think you can handle the heat? Well, judging by Jungle‘s new music video, there’s a strong possibility you can’t — unless of course you’ve got moves like roller skate duo, High Rollaz.

To match the intoxicating disco vibe of their most recent single, “The Heat,” Jungle have enlisted the help of High Rollaz to choreograph one of the freshest dances known to man. With Jungle‘s funky, finger-snappin’ tune to guide them, the dynamite duo have created a fluid dance number, which, as you can see below, finds them gliding along the surface of a sketchy looking underpass while wearing full green tracksuits. This is of course fitting, though, seeing as the duo look cool as cucumbers while laying down their sleek, and unimaginably difficult moves.

If there was ever a time I felt the need to use the phrase “I’m not worthy,” that time would be now.

Matt Pendrill

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