Video: Majical Cloudz – "Bugs Don't Buzz"

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Majical Cloudz - Bugs Don't Buzz

Yesterday, Canadian electro-synth duo Majical Cloudz released their newest music video for the track “Bugs Don’t Buzz.” Anyone familiar with the track might be surprised to see the visuals for the tracks (directed by Gordon von Steiner) are in a drastically separate realm from Devon Welsh’s sweet, crooning vocals and accompanying piano. Instead, the video features a host of uncomfortably tight shots with cockroaches and beetles crawling rampant upon a dollhouse-sized interior and equally miniaturized landscapes.

The few scenes in which human models are used might be just as uncomfortable, a tar-like, liquid substance disclosing any recognizably physical or emotional reactions. Just empty, hollow expressions. As a result, somehow all those dark, hard-shelled insects seem a little less repulsive — almost human. Set to an isolated soundscape of apathetic melodies and a hardly noticeable synth/piano by Welsh’s partner Matthew Otto, the bugs become associated with the track’s lyrical desperation. It’s the humans who eventually evoke the most unsettling response to the music, the collection of visuals concluding in a destructive blaze of fire.

Angel E. Fraden

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