Video: Mumford & Sons – "Whispers in the Dark"

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Mumford & Sons - Whispers in the Dark

Unlike many other bands around, Mumford & Sons have the painstaking task of dressing themselves to fit the “folk aesthetic” before each and everyone of their shows. Having to “fit the part” is a daily task that the band must endure, and while many of us may think that doing things like this are simple and meaningless, the band’s newest video for “Whispers in the Dark” hopes to dislodge those beliefs.

Following each of the four members as they make their way to a show, this new video brings to light the different paths and steps that each member takes before making those first few steps on-stage. While some members spend their time riding a motorcycle around town, and others spend it tearing apart a dress shirt, this new video proves that to truly make your concert the best it can be, little things like properly dressing yourself and performing a pre-show ritual can make all the difference.

Matt Pendrill

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