Ocean Calling – “Desert Sky Scarlet”

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The brainchild of burgeoning electro-pop act Ocean Calling, Sophie Wilkie, looks rather unassuming in the first scenes of the music video for “Desert Sky Scarlet.” In one shot Sophie throws her hands up for joy in the middle of the road; another shows her watching embers fizzle at the end of sparkler, the middle of an arctic wasteland. The first notes  sung as Ocean Calling front-woman, though, severely complicate this initial observation. There’s an inkling of old soul wisdom in her fresh-faced, exuberant lyrics. “The evening light will sculpt the desert sky scarlet,” is just one of the brilliant one-liners Sophie produces in the span of this track. That first plummeting vault of inundating synths feels vaguely reminiscent of a rudimentary M83 or a sedated Big Black Delta, and to couple the abrasive electronic melody with such a wonderfully guileless voice only further distinguishes Ocean Calling as effervescent force of nature. The music video trails Sophie Wilkie and her travels around the world; live through her adventures vicariously and watch above.

Angel E. Fraden

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