Video: Ski Lodge – "Boy"

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Ski Lodge - Boy

Earlier this week, Ski Lodge released the video for their single “Boy,” a summery, upbeat track that effortlessly unifies contemporary surf-pop and imitation seventies glam-rock. A couple months ago, the New York-based band put out a cultish but bizarrely captivating video for their song “Just to Be Like You,” so I was eager to see which direction the group would choose for “Boy.”

The beginning of the video is packed with classic teenage summer fun — Slurpees from 7-Eleven, cigarettes, junk food, middle fingers, etc. — but after the first minute, the edges of reality begin to dissolve. The video progresses from intensifying hallucinations at 7-Eleven to boys in a field lassoing a cloud, and culminates with a psychedelic, sci-fi-inspired bonfire.

Songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Marr deemed the finished product a success, commenting, “I think the video is really beautiful. The song itself is more or less about someone who feels like they’re suffocating and wanting to escape. I think the directors, Tucker Bliss and Beau Burrows, did an amazing job of creating a dream world within the video.”

Though Marr hints that the rest of the songs on the album delve into similarly heavy subject matter, he stands by the band’s combination of cheerful instrumentals and weighty lyrics. “A lot of the things going on in my head that I struggle with might be deemed dark,” Marr explains, “but I don’t think that means I can’t sing about them in a way that is musically upbeat or poppy.”

The video promotes Ski Lodge’s upcoming album Big Heart, due out August 20th on Dovecote Records.

Caroline Creasey

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