Video: The Surge .001 – Jess Maay x Owsey & Resotone

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What's This?

Indie Current is proud to present our newest video feature installation, The Surge, a collaborative project that invites videographers and photographers to produce visual accompaniment for songs written and released by the hoards of underrated talents we frequently cover. Not an official music video by any means, this project is meant to bridge the aural imaginations of independent visionaries who draw inspiration from the sounds we love. In this, our inaugural installment of The Surge, Jess Maay (Jessica Allen) tackles the balmy breadth of Owsey & Resotone‘s “Broke My Promise & Stared To The Sea.” Taken from footage captured in Paris during a brief vacation with her girlfriend in February, “Before” is serene and beatific in its attempts to capture the grace and comforting stillness of this age-old city. To inquire about submitting videos for The Surge, email Watch more videos from Jess Maay here.

Angel E. Fraden

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