Video: The Weeknd – "The Zone (Sango Remix)"

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The Weeknd - The Zone (Sango Remix)

If you’re at all familiar with xxyyxx, you’re probably familiar with the smokey visual for his single “About You.” While the young craftsman has gained a large amount of viral success for making the sexy slow motion video, it was actually director and producer Jeff VASH that was the brains behind the now iconic music video.

For his third go of music video making, VASH has teamed up with remixing extraordinaire, Sango, to make the aesthetics for his raw and glitchy remix of The Weeknd and Drake‘s first collaborative effort, “The Zone.” By taking the idea of flickering lights and pushing it the extreme, VASH tediously matches up Sango‘s remix with dark clips of the club scene and shots of a stranger quickly making their way through the night. In effect, what results is another simple, yet perfectly fitting video for a rising beatsmith who will hopefully — will help from this video — catapult themselves into the limelight just as xxyyxx did before him.

Matt Pendrill

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