Watch Jaala Cast Out The Ghost of An Ex-Lover In New Video, “Ticket”

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As frontwoman and principal songwriter for the Melbourne four-piece, Cosima Jaala leads an aggravated assault of progressive punk and soul-infused guitar music. She focused on the blistering pain of heartbreak–both romantic and otherwise–on her debut album Hard Hold, quite possibly the most underrated rock record of 2016. The full-length, released in February via Wondercore Island, explores a delightful fascination with the occult. Jaala’s video for “Hard Hold” featured the singer-songwriter stumbling through the streets like a washed-up witch, and in her newest visual, as if possessed by some wrathful entity, she howls and contorts her body within the darkness of her ill-furnished Melbourne home. By the video’s last shot, Jaala is on the floor, panting, looking spent and tired but at ease–as if some heavy burden has finally been relinquished. 

Stream Hard Hold below.

Angel E. Fraden

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