Watch Volcano Choir Perform New Songs “The Valleyinaire” & “Blue Ni Ni (The Volcano Schores)”

Volcano Choir - The Valleyinaire & Blue Ni Ni (The Volcano Schores) Photo by CJ Foeckler
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What's This?

Before Repave, we didn’t know much about Volcano Choir, other than what we picked up over the years from the band’s reclusive lead-singer, Justin Vernon. After watching a live recording of their recent performance at Washington’s renowned 9:30 Club, we know a little bit more about the band; the most important being, is that they know how to put on one helluva’ good show! While they are cloaked in darkness for a good portion of their set, the band are still able to fill the room with colour. As you can see in the video below, when the lights finally do shine down upon the group, they look empowered and slightly taken back by the beauty that they inevitably created. In fact, their performance went so well that they decided to drop a couple of new, unreleased songs before our eyes. Those songs (“The Valleyinaire” and “Blue Ni Ni (The Volcano Schores)”), were gratefully recorded by NPR‘s crack team of producers and videographers. So if you feel the need to check those out, you can find them both in the video below:

(Note: “The Valleyinaire” begins at 14:15 while “Blue Ni Ni (The Volcano Schores)” begins at 30:35)

Matt Pendrill

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