Introducing: Wolf Catcher

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Wolf Catcher - So Emotional

On August 2nd writer Tim Thompson of Portals Music received a short, concise email from one “New track from me and Marcel, hope you like it! First 100 downloads are free!” wrote the unnamed beatmaker Wolf Catcher. The track sent to Thompson was posted on Portals, accompanied with the tagline “ft. XXYYXX” or Marcel Everett. But the day after I heard the track– poof. It was gone– only to return to the Internet paradigm a few days later, minus the tagline. Allegedly, XXYYXX denied any association with this track on his Facebook account. An expected amount of controversy has surfaced from this development, seeing as Wolf Catcher promoted his premiere track on several blogs and YouTube channels under the pretense that Marcel Everett was directly involved in the project; but, quite frankly, this writer doesn’t give a damn.

“So Emotional”, the first track posted by Wolf Catcher, exhibits a unique sense of deliberation, slow and sultry confidence that oozes from this .wav file like senseless insanity. Disparate sound patterns intersect, loop, and collide with each other, sometimes revealing the poignant dollop of water-drop samples. The source of the vocal sample is a little harder to pinpoint. Delayed, layered, and satisfying repetitious, the vocals are a perfect synthesis: motorized artificiality coupled with the human element of soft, crooning soul. The only other released track by Wolf Catcher, “Broken”, closely follows its predecessor. This time the vocals fall to the wayside, buried deep within canvases of swaggering, snap-back flare. Be sure to keep an eye out for new material by Wolf Catcher.

Angel E. Fraden

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