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What's This?

YEEK is an LA based rapper/producer who has historically focused his efforts on sleepy, R&B-heavy tunes with an obvious love for minimalism when it comes to his beats. In support of his upcoming project Love Slacker, YEEK has thus far put out two new tracks. The newest of these songs, “HIGHWAYS,” was released just days ago and boasts an impressive refinement of nearly everything the producer has experimented with in the past. The track’s alternative style guitar parts and soaring chorus confidently channel the feeling of a long drive with friends as the sun goes down. It’s one of those songs that somehow sounds exactly like it feels to be young and carefree. If this single is any indication of what YEEK’s upcoming release will sound like then it would seem the artist has arrived at a place musically that works incredibly well.

Stream YEEK’s Sad Summer below.