Slovenian Trio YGT Premiere New Track “Paradoxical Relaxation”

by Ada Hamza
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What's This?

Formerly known as Your Gay Thoughts, Slovenian electronic jazz and trip-hop trio YGT are poised to release their new album and accompanying film Sinking Ship tomorrow, February 15. We’re thrilled to premiere “Paradoxical Relaxation,” a new track from the forthcoming album, in anticipation of Friday’s release. The most recent YGT effort fuses analogue rock arrangements with roiling electronics that at once resemble the guitar atmospherics of Tycho and the progressive beat music of Shigeto and Shlohmo. Listen.

Don’t miss YGT’s Sinking Ship, out tomorrow via Youngbloods and King Deluxe. Hear “Sinking Ship”.

Read a statement from YGT’s Gregij Kocijančič about the ephemeral, meditative genesis of their new song “Paradoxical Relaxation”.

I was writing the song during summer of 2017, completely zoned out from heavy painkillers while dealing with a nasty chronic disease at the time. During those days, I was reading about a method of relief called “paradoxical relaxation” that would help me deal with the chronic pain I was facing. The method is two sided because I was supposed to relax my body by actively not trying to relax it. I only had to focus on observing the feelings within my body while avoiding all verbal thought, so the process is meditative; I could only relax if there were no words running through my mind.

After I recorded the bassline (which I constructed from pitched down vocals of one of my favorite Portuguese singers), I started tracking the vocals, all while trying to “paradoxically relax”. Actively trying not to have any words running through my head, I would sing and record what lyrics did manage to spontaneously run through my mind. The lyrics consequently don’t make much sense so I buried them with tons of reverb, but they still have meaning to me, because soon after this song was finished I managed to defeat the disease, at least for now.

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